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There were definitely interesting things to look at the X30 SEA 2018 first round held in KF1 Karting Circuit on Saturday and Sunday (31/3, 01/4). Brendan Lim, Arina Racing Team driver got public attention which witnessed one of prestigious championship in the Southeast Asia. Brendan was not entirely in a fit condition but was able to become the leading driver to win the championship series opener.

With Mark Yeow, his teammate in Arina Racing

“I was unfit during saturdays race from a stomach flu and fever.Also, after last weeks Rok Cup Singapore/ Asia Zone Championship, there were some adjusments that i had to make in my style of driving with the use of different tires and no front brake.” Said Brendan at the start oh the conversation.

Brendan joined this race together with his team mate, Mark Yeow, and start qualifying stage in wet conditions.  His driving ability and familiiarity of KF1 Karting Circuit gave him a slight edge in mastering this round.  0,6 second gap between him (1:02.688) and second position, Ong Kian Leong (1:03,333) secured Brendan pole position.

Under pressure in every stage

The rain stopped and the track dried up just in time before the start of the heats and Brendan was constantly under pressure from his competitors like Ang Kok Wee, Adrian Ferguson and Derrick Tan. Despite the pressure at the beginning of the race, he was able to finish heats 1 and 2 to put him on pole position in the prefinal round.

“The night before sunday’s prefinal and final, i got news from my mechanic, Azim Lukman, that my engine wasn’t performing optimaly. But i didn’t let that distract me left it to my mechanic to resolve the issues. But most importantly, i just prayed that my engine could perform just enough to see me through the race.” Brendan expressed.

With Arina Racing Team’s mechanic, Azim Lukman.

In prefinal and final stage, Brendan was again able keep his competitors at bay despite racing constant pressure from the strong competition. His efforts in maintaining consistency and hoping his race engine wouldn’t suffer a seizure was going according to plan. And by the time the chequered flag was flaged in the finals, Brendan Lim was free from all these problems and managed to be the fastest driver in master category.

Photo session with drivers from the master category before the finals

“Overall this was a good result for me and my teammate, Mark Yeow, who worked his way up the pack from starting 12th in the heats to podium finish, coming in 5th. I am also really proud of team work at Arina Racing. I am extremely honoured to spend this weekend racing with one of toughest grid in the master category. Now looking forward to 2nd round of Rok Cup Singapore and 3rd round of Asia Rok Cup on 21st April.” Brendan Lim Concluded.

Congratulations Brendan and Mark Yeow good luck in 2018’s race season.

Reyhan Ilyas

Photo by X30 SEA 2018 official photo


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